nicola lemos

Nicola Lemos is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and music producer based in UK.




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Sep 2021

Tocaya is my first album. It comes from the idea of a beginning's anticipation. The first step, the primary action, the purest root and movement. This album is a meeting with myself, a visit to my essence, but all with the intention of looking and moving forward, play on, towards a future that we are building here, right now.

In terms of sound, it remains faithful to the more classical sound of MPB, with an emphasis on guitar arrangements and generous space for several instruments to shine - from drums to flute, from guitar to saxophone. At the same time, it updates this aesthetic bringing elements of folk and rock, in a mixture that at the same time reveres and reinvents, which makes this work descended from Tropicalia and Brock.





Among pans and glasses, bottles and guitars, voice and palms, percussion and poetry, seven songs were recorded and produced at home. As different its sounds to each other, together they bring life to the EP project, representing me back then in the simplest, truest and purest way possible. The name "Andejo" (in the dictionary: 1. who or what walks a lot "person or animal"; 2. walker, who or what does not stop at home; an outsider.) In the album means the movement, the transition of moments, the idea of moving on, leaving things behind, accepting.


About Me

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I was born in the city of Franca SP/Brasil and since young, I already had a great interest in music and instruments. I started studying guitar in 2003 at the age of 8 at the music school “Escola de Musica Sitoque”. By then, I gained useful knowledge of my instrument and performance skills and was given the opportunity to play at numerous events in Franca and Sao Paulo both with my band Cohiba (formed in 2012 and still active) or just as a solo act. The influence of listening to Brazilian music from a young age, together with western music has had a great impact on my musical taste and technical knowledge. 

I believe music has the capacity to transport you to places in the past or to specific moments, and at the same time, it can give you clarity in future decisions. It can inspire, give strength and courage to face new challenges. Since I started to create music, by the age of 13, I realised that I was dealing with something much more significant than I originally thought, music was something as important as religion, language, history and science but for me, even more. Being involved with it has given me many opportunities to meet people and be creative. As time has passed I have realised that music is not just a hobby but something I wanted to pursue as a career.

So here I am.

After finishing a Popular Music degree at the Goldsmiths University of London (2021) I am now working in variated areas of the music industry while writing, collaborating and releasing new music projects.