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Sep 2021

Tocaya is my first album. It comes from the idea of a beginning's anticipation. The first step, the primary action, the purest root and movement. This album is a meeting with myself, a visit to my essence, but all with the intention of looking and moving forward, play on, towards a future that we are building here, right now.

In terms of sound, it remains faithful to the more classical sound of MPB, with an emphasis on guitar arrangements and generous space for several instruments to shine - from drums to flute, from guitar to saxophone. At the same time, it updates this aesthetic bringing elements of folk and rock, in a mixture that at the same time reveres and reinvents, which makes this work descended from Tropicalia and Brock.




Among pans and glasses, bottles and guitars, voice and palms, percussion and poetry, seven songs were recorded and produced at home. As different its sounds to each other, together they bring life to the EP project, representing me back then in the simplest, truest and purest way possible. The name "Andejo" (in the dictionary: 1. who or what walks a lot "person or animal"; 2. walker, who or what does not stop at home; an outsider.) In the album means the movement, the transition of moments, the idea of moving on, leaving things behind, accepting.

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